Payroll Management

For any business, managing payroll is indeed a frightful assignment as it consumes a ton of worker hours and is not also income generating. Besides being cumbersome, it is also tiring as rules and regulations keep changing and therefore, software needs to be updated and employees are also required to abreast themselves with new tools. So to get away this tedious chore, why not outsource your payroll processing to Astiv HR Services? All you would need to do is provide us the payroll data and we will give you a viable, confidential and accurate payroll processing service.

You can send your payroll data by phone, fax or internet. Astiv HR Services then computes the payroll amounts and also does the tax calculation for employer and employee.We than offer you easy to peruse finance checks and reports which are then sent to the organization by means of email or courier.

we are doing our services as a Payroll consultant in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Guragon, Hyderabad &Etc….and overseas as well, we do our payroll services for IT/Non IT Industries under these boom economic places of India and overseas.

We also have specialists trained in payroll processing who can give you personalized help. These specialists are available 24×7 and just a call away, when you need their assistance.